♥First of all I just wanna say that I LOOOVE to create and share my work with YOU all and I am feeling so blessed to be able to do that♥

I am feeling so honored and grateful to have so many loyal followers and friends ALL over the world who I NEVER would have meet without my work…THANK YOU for standing by my side as I stand by Yours! You mean the world to me… this is said Right from My HEART.

The renders/posers/desktops/wallpapers/gifs and animated Tag-extras are a REAL joy for me to create and share with You all… BUT to create come with a cost for me, because EVERY content and EVERY material I use I need to buy and I am HAPPY to do that so that I can share my work as Freebies to You… and I wanna go on with that, to share my work as Freebies.

I am retired from the work-world because of pain in my body after surviving breastcancer and the treatments did´nt treat my sceleton well, so it´s not as strong as it should be. On top of that I have over-mobile joints in ALL my body wich also make my body hurt a lot along with other healthproblems… So I have been retired from work since 2012 because of my healthproblem and I will not be able to return to work, because my healthissues is not treatable… I need to learn to live with it…. and it´s kind of hard both physical and economic.

With this said…. I have not a big income because of my health thats why I appreciate ANY donations so that I can go on creating and buy material and contents to create with. I HATE to beg for money… I am NOT that person, but I just wanna let You know WHY I am feeling so grateful for EVERY donation. I will NOT force anyone to donate, never ever… I wan´t it to be of Your own will. Because I REALLY wanna go on share my work as Freebies, I don´t wanna put a prize on them, I REALLY don´t and I will not do that.

Thank You for taking time to read this little note from me to You!


Anette aka Nettis